Horní Maršov

Welcome to Eastern Krkonoše

Rýchorský prales (Rýchory virgin forest)

Dvorský forest, known also as Rýchorský prales (Rýchory virgin forest) is from a natural point of view a very valuable area that belongs to Zone I and II of KRNAP. There are twisted trunks of old beeches, the Rýchorská studánka (spring), the Rýchorská květnice (flower bank), the valley of Lysečiny and krast caves of Albeřice. The herbs include victory onion (Allium victorialis L), wild garlic (Allium ursinum L), alpine coltsfoot (Homogyne alpina) and other rare species. An educational trail, Rýchory, has run through the area since 1997.


Originally a romantic chateau built over Temný Důl in memory of Count Berthold of Aichelburg, who died in Aichelburg in 1861. In 1883, when the Maršov domain was acquired by Countess Aloisia Czernin-Morzin, the chateau started to deteriorate and in 1945 it almost fell into oblivion. Thanks to the Aichelburg Chateau Society, established in 1995, the chateau was rebuilt and reopened to the public in 2000. The Aichelburg hiking trail leads from Maršov to the chateau. It starts at Veselý výlet gallery in Temný Důl, where hikers may borrow a key to the chateau hall with entrance to stone tower.

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Honzův potok (Honza’s Creek)

The swift current of Honza’s Creek constituted, at least since the 16th century, the boundary of Maršov domain and imperial property. As late as 1769, the mountain forests of Eastern Krkonoše, together with settlements Velká and Malá Úpa, were joined to the domain by Vilibald Schaffgotsch. Honza’s Creek and the footpath only remained a boundary between the villages of Horní Maršov and Temný Důl after that, and it can be seen in the form of a unique line of massive trees. Since the summer of 2009, an easy trail runs through the settlement Honzův Potok to Aichelburg chateau.

Limekiln + Customs road

The customs road leads from the former customs house of 1844 to the ridge with a renewed tourist border crossing to the Polish settlement Niedamirów. The trail is lined with trees. Just a short distance before the crossing stands a wayside column of crucifixion with the symbol of a chalice. From here there is a nice view of Sněžka. A short way from the customs house you may glimpse into a quarry that supplied limestone to well preserved limekiln near the main road. There is a wooden structure on top of the octagonal stone limekiln (built in 2008), and there is a museum of the limekiln (reconstruction on the way).

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On the slope of Stará hora in the hamlet of the same name there is a set of folk architecture. The Calvary will bring you right there. It runs along the chapel of S. Ann of 1752. You will find a spring with supposed healing powers along the way. Between 1999 and 2001, the locals, with the friends of Veselý výlet gallery, repaired the original chapel, wooden cross, individual stops on the Calvary, the chapel of St. Ann, and the path itself. An annual pilgrimage is held to the chapel for service on Sunday before the holiday of St. Ann.

Pec pod Sněžkou

Pec pod Sněžkou is a significant mountain resort for winter and summer recreation and a significant center of tourism. There is even a ski area right in town called Ski Pec, which belongs among the best equipped in the Czech Republic and it belongs to a group of ski areas called Skiarena Krkonoše. The four-seater chairlift up Hnědý vrch operates year round. The two highest mountains in the country, Sněžka and Studniční hora, lie within the territory of the village. A two-passenger, two-section chairlift up to Sněžka starts from the local hamlet Růžový Důl.

KSEV Rýchorská bouda (Rýchory chalet) - KRNAP

Krkonoše center of environmental education (KSEV) Rýchorská bouda is situated at an elevation of 1,000 m, right in the 1st zone of the Krkonoše National Park. It specializes in organizing environmental stays for kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools and universities, and they organize company events and stays for the general public. The participants may use the auditorium, audiovisual equipment, Wi-Fi, etc. In the summer months, stays for families with children are available, too, as well as summer camps and they organize volunteer works. In winter, cross country enthusiasts may use the many kilometers of groomed trails. There is a buffet for tourists, opening hours Wed-Sun 10.00am – 4.00pm, and souvenirs and guide brochure for educational trails Rýchory may be bought here.

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Forest swimming pool Mladé Buky

Recreational venue with a natural swimming pool in the beautiful environment of Krkonoše, 1 km from the main Trutnov - Pec pod Sněžkou highway. Sporting opportunities in all seasons: a 50 m pool (skating rink in winter), beach volleyball, football, bicycling, and the ski area Mladé Buky nearby. An accommodation capacity of 150 beds and variety of services to suit all tastes: hotel and tourist rooms, bungalows, camp huts, multi-purpose suites. It is an ideal spot for school field trips, company events or for a quiet family vacation. The restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere, in the summer a terrace with portico is available. Free parking and Wi-Fi. We are looking forward to your visit!

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Černá Hora Ski Resort

A new ski region with a common ski pass for ski areas Janské Lázně, Černý Důl and Svoboda nad Úpou. There are various ski terrains with a total ski run length of 20 km, 4 chair lifts and 22 ski lifts. Where every skier or snowboarder finds something to suit his taste. There is a new cabin in the Janské Lázně ski area as well as all types of ski runs, including a 3.5 km long sledding run. The Černý Důl ski area is characteristic for its peaceful relaxed atmosphere, wide ski runs and a modern KIDpark for beginners who need lessons and a SNOWpark with special obstacles and jumps. In the Svoboda nad Úpou ski area, there is an all day measured giant slalom track free of charge.

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Cable car to Černá Hora

A new 8-passenger cabin lift started operation in Janské lázně in 2006. It is called “ČERNOHORSKÝ EXPRESS“, and, off course, it runs to the top of Černá Hora. The cable car operates 9:00am to 6:00pm, as scheduled. Bikes, scooters and baby prams are transported for free. Weather permitting, you may visit the watchtower Panorama on top of the mountain and see all the peaks of Krkonoše.

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Bike buses

Krkonoše bike buses (Cyklobusy) are operated by the regional tourism organization of the Krkonoše – union of towns and municipalities. This organization creates, coordinates and maintains Krkonoše projects, advertising and tourism development in the Krkonoše region. The most significant projects are: Krkonoše – skiing and cross country paradise, Krkonoše from the bike seat, Krkonoše bike buses, and the summer and winter tourist newspaper Krkonošská sezóna.

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